Hatchbag Dog Boot Liner

Boot Liners. Why They Are Important and How to Choose the Best

In life, there is nothing as good as driving your brand new car out for the first time. Since investing in a brand new vehicle cost a lot, you need to fit it with products that will make it look brand new or else it won’t stay in shape for long. Thankfully, a Hatchbag boot liner for dogs is a very useful investment. Apart from protecting the fabric of your car, they are a great way of providing your dog with a comfortable place to sit on. More so, they will make sure that your car doesn’t get coated with dirt or a layer of dog’s hair.

Even if you don’t keep dogs, boot liners are still a great idea. Just think about how many times you throw muddy items into your car boot without wanton. If this occurs, they will make sure that the mud doesn’t get stuck in your car boot. If you don’t like outdoors, just imagine the kind of stains and mess that spills when transporting your weekly shopping of food back home. To continue protecting your car, you just need to pull out your car boot liner and give it a thorough cleaning before putting it back.

How to choose the best boot liner
Features: A good boot liner for dogs should have a textured finish with a non-slip surface. This will prevent your dog from slipping out when he gets in and out thereby reducing the risk of joint injuries and painful limps. If you buy a flat smooth boot liner, you also need to choose a non-slip mat that you can put over the smooth boot liner. If your dog sheds a lot and you don’t enjoy vacuuming, then you should get a more static boot liner that attacks hair. Some pet-friendly liners also have a bumper guard that covers the boot liner so as to prevent your pet from scratching it. Overall, it should be easy to wash or wipe.

Size of the boot liner for dogs
When it comes to the size, you need to buy a boot liner that fits the size of your vehicle. You can choose a model specific or a manufacturer specific boot liner that fits the boot well. Alternatively, you can also go for a third-party or a universal model that is adjustable. For dogs that like shaking their bodies, you need one that can be able to protect the sides of the car as well. Before buying one, you need to consider the shape of your boot.

Materials used for pet-friendly boot liner
For the longest lifespan and the best results, you need to choose synthetic materials. Opt for a tough, thick, rugged pet boot liner to ensure that your dog does not rip the material. You also need to go for heavy-duty material such as a co-polymer or even high density polyethylene co-polymers. The fabrics that you choose should also be odor and water resistant.

Wrap up : Taking care of your new vehicle takes a lot of effort but if you do it well you will be rewarded. Your car will not only retain its value but will also stay in shape. If you are looking for one, take your time and choose the best.