Japanese Knotweed Removal

How To Find And Select A Japanese Knotweed Removal Business

There is a species of plant called Japanese knotweed, a highly noxious weed that is part of the buckwheat family. Although it is not indigenous to the UK, once it was brought over, it began to spread like wildfire. It was brought over because of its beautiful appearance, appearing to be very similar to bamboo. It was actually called Japanese or Mexican bamboo despite not being related to bamboo at all. Today, it is regarded as one of the world’s most invasive plants, and there are many companies that focus on the eradication of this plant in the UK. If you need to locate a reputable Japanese knotweed removal company, there are a few things you can do to get the best one working for you.

What Exactly Is Japanese Knotweed?
This weed was originally brought from Japan, Korea and China to Europe many years ago. The hollow stands, and the very distinctive raised notes, made it seem like bamboo to those that originally found the plant. In Japan, it was called the tiger staff, a plant that was used for its painkilling properties. However, it has simply become a nuisance in the United Kingdom, and there are companies that are very good at eradicating them, regardless of how it has spread.

How Do You Find Japanese Knotweed Removal Services?
These are companies that are advertising every day. You can see them in the online classifieds, local paper, or you might hear an advertisement on the radio. You can locate them very quickly using the Internet. By searching for Japanese knotweed removal services, several companies will be shown. You can contact these businesses by phone or by email, and a representative will come out to your location to evaluate the situation. They can then set an appointment to come out to eradicate these plants for you before they get out of control.

Why Do Most People Remove Them?
There are several reasons why these plants need to be removed. First of all, they grow very quickly, up to 1 yard per week. The plant has been responsible for devaluing homes and properties, and can cost a substantial amount of money to remove even the smallest patches of the Japanese knotweed. It can overgrow gardens, flower beds, and even begin to grow in your yard. For all of these reasons, it needs to be removed by a professional company that will physically remove them and also use herbicides to prevent them from coming back.

Your evaluation of the businesses that you find will lead you to one that will help you get rid of this noxious plant in the shortest time possible. You should have no problem looking for, and finding, a business that has a reputation for producing results. It is so important to eliminate these plants before they start to grow as the weather begins to warm up. Although this can be expensive, it will be much more expensive if it gets out of control, spreading throughout most of your property. Contact a Japanese knotweed extermination service today that can help you take care of this problem.