Take a look at designer Richard Meier’s new Oxfordshire country home

If you’re looking for a bit of excitement when it comes to interior design, you should take a look at designer Richard Meier’s new Oxfordshire country home. The grandeur of the house will definitely overwhelm you.

Richard is among the most celebrated contemporary architects, a very influential designer whose career spans 5 decades. Interestingly, the Oxfordshire country house is Richard Meier’s first project in the United Kingdom. This designer is really something when it comes to architecture. The house is already being nominated for an award.

Some of Meier’s masterpiece projects are the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Los Angeles Getty Centre. The 1978 Douglas House which is earliest Meier projects was incorporated into the National Register of Historic places. This happened last summer.

The projects above show how impeccable Richard Meier is. An acclaimed 20th-century architect. Meier’s very first UK’s project is on a hill overlooking the countryside of Oxfordshire. The hill makes the most elevated part of the countryside, making the house to be visible from all directions.

The surroundings of the house consist of hedges and rising meadows and gentle hills of the quintessential landscape of England. This forms an amazing environment for a magnificent house as this. The back of the house has woodland whereas its front has facades offering the countryside of Oxfordshire expansive views.

According to Meier, he derived the inspiration from classical English Manor houses. This residence borrows from most English Manor houses, commented Meier. The building’s organisation and state are just like the Manor homes. As Meier put it during a recent interview, the house and the setting directly relates to traditional magnificent homes of the past.

The 837 square metre house spreads across the hill’s crest. A paved base offers ground for a concrete structure uniformly coated in a bright white. The way the house lies on the ground gives it a spectacular sight as it seemingly looks pitched on the ground. The sophistication revealed by the contrast of white in green leaves a breathtaking sight. This bright white which sharply contrasts the green surroundings of the countryside is termed as Meier’s trademark.

White is Meier’s favourite colour. He admitted he loved the colour on his 1984 Pritzker Prize acceptance speech. Meier described white as the most wonderful colour. He further explained how the colour has always been used conventionally as a symbol to reveal purity, perfection, and clarity.

Looking from afar may show a silver structure of the house under the sun. However, this is not the only wonderful sight in this big house. When night falls, the light from the house creates a truly beautiful sight as the structureis set apart from other the buildings around it. This is because the front side has facades which pour out light at night.

Richard Meier actually manages to eliminate classic parts but still leave that distinct traditional appearance on the modern Oxfordshire house. Meier pieces may appear quite odd but his superb blend of the classic into the modern always give out a great design. This house at Oxfordshire is quite unique.

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