The Best Voice Overs for E-Learning Courses

If you are already done taking your course, you are surely in the midst of nailing down points and mapping our distribution. However, this will not be possible if the right voice is not selected. With this in mind, looking at voice overs may be the answer. The most appropriate voice over can always be sought after. This is not just about sticking to one that sounds good. There is more to it. There are ways to make sure that the best tools are found. These would enhance the course for specific learners. What are these?


What to remember in judging voice over talents

  • Engage an audience

If your goal is for people to learn about a course, it is vital to keep the delivery in line with the content. The voice talent must be interesting enough. This is a way for them to make a message even more memorable. As the actor auditions, make sure that there is dynamics in the tone. These are the characteristics that will enhance a particular scenario. These will work best for the course. These would sound relatable and realistic as compared to being canned. Nobody will ever be inspired to this.

  • Handle brand consistency

The voice to be selected is going to be the reflection of the overall image of your brand. There are many organizations out there with advertising and marketing materials that may be utilized as reference. These can be way simpler. Focusing on the learner should be pursued. This would keep a company’s brand and even its message pretty consistent. This is going to be effective in letting a message come across.

  • Natural pacing of the voice

The talent selected must be capable of speaking with natural pacing as much as possible. This is needed in e-learning. E-learning requires conversational delivery. With this in mind, do not fail to listen to auditions which are made to sound real from people. Do not stick to overproduced radio promos because they may appear to be robotic at some point. Adapting a script may also be fine in here. Spare from sticking to classic commercial tempo. This is no longer the trend these days.

  • Research from previous star rating or experience

It will be beneficial and ideal to work with voice talent that comes with previous-e learning or large-project experience. This may work best for audiobooks or documentaries. There are also previous voice-over jobs that are seen around websites. These are always found on demos and testimonials. Checking on them may be the answer here.


The aforementioned would definitely help you in ending up with the right person. If it is not too much, do not fail to have your technical expectations set. You have to be realistic when it comes to them. Remember, the project may ask for editing or labeling even after recording has taken place. Technical requirements have to be made clear too. Hiring a talent should be way easier this way. Do not forget to think about this.