refrigerated courier services

Why Choose Refrigerated Courier Services

We live in a world where we continually expect goods to be delivered in a pristine state. We no longer want to shop for food at the farm gate and although fresh produce markets with organic produce have staged a huge comeback in recent years most consumers till go to the supermarket for their daily needs.

And this has meant that maintaining the ‘cold chain has become even more important than ever before. As part of the cold chain where products need to be transported in a very carefully temperature controlled environment professional refrigerated courier services have become more important then ever before.

In fact many government oversight bodies and supermarkets themselves demand that temperature be kept within a very narrow band in order to ensure that the freshness of the products is maintained and spoilage is avoided. There is simply too much at stake given the volumes of produce that move through stores and the ever present risk of contamination to take chances when it comes to the transport of fresh produce.

However, choosing a supplier for refrigerated courier services requires some careful thought and a fair bit of investigation before you select your service provider.

There are some questions that need to be asked.

Firstly does the courier have the latest technology that will ensure that the products reach their destination in pristine condition? Refrigerated technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last ten years, however breakdowns do sometimes happen. In cases like this is the vehicle able to maintain a constant temperature while repairs are being carried out? The body, with its insulation should be able to maintain that constant temperature for at least two hours before the refrigeration unit comes to life.

It is also important to select a provider that has refrigerated units that can transport a variety of goods at different temperatures as and when required. The ability to do this ensures that as market conditions change and requirements for different products become more urgent a single provider is able to service those needs. Logistically speaking having a single provider will ensure that a long term relationship is possible. With a relationship like this cost savings become increasingly important. A long term relationship means trust – and that trust translates into savings and increased profit margins.

In addition to the simple mechanics and technology involved in the transport of refrigerated goods there are also logistical challenges that need to be met by the service provider.

The use of tracking and bar code technology becomes increasingly important as the distances from the point of origin of the produce increases. In today’s market those distances are increasing and tracking technology is fast becoming one of the most vital parts in maintaining that cold chain. The reports that are submitted by the company supply the refrigeration services are today essential in ensuring that the producers are protected from legal action and also having their reputation with end receivers maintained at the highest standards.